ok. this is my jam right here and huge reason why i love my craft so much.

i fell in love with photography because i started bringing a camera along with me on all of my adventures. i started capturing honest, candid moments that were just part of my existing lifestyle.

I absolutely love the art of representing a product in the truest way possible. the way that most brands envision their products being used. used by real people, doing real shit.

my goal is not to provide brands with "filler" photos, but rather high quality shots that you can use over and over again. quality over quantity.

if you want your product to come along with me on my next adventure, let's chat. I promise you won't regret it.


Creative Portraits

You guys. I am obsessed with these and absolutely love shooting them for folks.

what is a creative portrait you ask? this is for you artistic, creative, nomadic, entrepreneurial souls. I want to capture you immersed in your craft.

maybe you're a painter, a musician, a van-lifer, a ceramicist, a yogi, a woodworker, a photographer, a dancer. maybe you just want someone to document your true essence. maybe it's for your website or maybe it's just a present to yourself because you freaking deserve it.

no posing, no directing, just your authentic self doing what you love. your messy, passionate, wildly, creative self. I want to be the person that documents that piece of you. 




sound the alarm! these shoots aren't just for any lovers. these shoots are for wildly adventurous and spontaneous couples. for those of you who have a love for the wild and are wildly in love.

already have a camping or backpacking trip planned? let me join you to capture your love in the most authentic way. sleeping in a truck bed or a van? yep, i'll capture your love there too and probably hang for a beer or 10 after. 

I want to capture the messy, fun, candid moments between you two. we don't pose, we play. and by the end of it, i'm hoping i'll have you jumping nudey, hand-in-hand into an alpine lake. you'll thank me later.




Well these right here are pretty darn fun. i know many things can fall into an "event" category but let me try and narrow it down for you.

think music festival, yoga retreat, backyard brewery concert or event, grand or soft business opening. the list can go on. dream scenario? Someone hires me to follow them around coachella because c'mon, if you don't get a sweet coachella shot, were you even there?

if you need someone to run around in the shadows like a creep and capture candid, real moments of whatever event you want documented, I'm your gal.