You've got questions, maybe I've got answers.


Q. are you willing to travel?

shit yes i am. i am denver based but love love love traveling so let's make that happen, shall we?


Q. how are images delivered to me?

you will receive high resolution images that will be delivered to you via a digital gallery and you can download and share as you please. I highly recommend downloading and backing up immediately so there is no chance of losing them!


Q. what is a print release and do I get one?

YEP! All of my contracts state that you get a print release. you will never receive a copyright release from me.

a print release basically means that you have permission to use the images for any *personal* use such as: social media posts, prints, canvases, albums, t-shirts, etc.

You can not, however, claim the work as your own, alter or edit the images in any way or use them for commercial gain. don't worry, this is all outlined in my contract.

more about copyright vs print release: https://thelawtog.com/copyright-vs-print-release/


Q. do you provide raw images?

Nope, never. Editing is half of the process/magic. It's what makes my style unique, and is likely why you hired me.


Q. what's the turn around time for images?

this depends on the type of shoot but my turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks.


Q. do you like crocs?

I think crocs are a gift from the gods.